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List of vacant rooms

The following list of rooms have a termination date on file and are vacant as of the beginning of the current lottery. This list is only provided for informational purpose. Note that you are encouraged to preference ALL rooms, not just the vacant rooms, because new vacancies are generated as other current residents enter the lottery, and you can take their old rooms.

  • Room area is specified in square feet.
  • Common area specifies in square feet the area of all the common areas in the apartment (hallway, bathroom, living area and kitchen if any). This is mostly useful to compare the sizes of different suites' common areas on a relative basis.
  • Gender specifies the gender of the current suitemates, if any. There is no guarantee that these suitemates may not enter the lottery themselves, so the gender may change to the opposite gender in the course of the lottery. A small number of suites are specially designated M-only or F-only as noted. All suites are co-ed unless marked M-only or F-only.
  • Vacancy Date is the estimated move-in date based on the previous resident's termination date. You will be expected to move in immediately as soon as the room becomes available.
RoomTypeRoom areaCommon areaGenderVacancy Date
1009B2-BR apt (with kitchen)128359M2024-08-01
1023A2-BR apt (with kitchen)123393M2024-08-01
1029B2-BR apt (with kitchen)134393F2024-06-01
1084A3-BR apt (with kitchen)141470M2024-06-01
1084B3-BR apt (with kitchen)143470M2024-07-01
1102C3-BR suite (no kitchen)148197F2024-06-01
1104C3-BR suite (no kitchen)142197MM2024-06-01
2004C3-BR apt (with kitchen)129552F-only2024-06-01
2006A2-BR apt (with kitchen)142353M2024-06-01
2012A3-BR apt (with kitchen)132389M2024-07-01
2012C3-BR apt (with kitchen)124389M2024-06-01
2028A2-BR apt (with kitchen)127372F2024-06-01
2029A2-BR apt (with kitchen)123393M2024-06-01
2063Small efficiency26402024-06-01
2101C3-BR suite (no kitchen)142197FFF2024-06-01
2104B3-BR suite (no kitchen)140197MM2024-06-01
2112A3-BR suite (no kitchen)1362042024-06-01
2112B3-BR suite (no kitchen)1372042024-06-01
2113C3-BR apt (with kitchen)1403612024-08-01
2114B2-BR apt (with kitchen)136337M2024-06-01
2115A3-BR suite (no kitchen)140202MM2024-06-01
2117B3-BR suite (no kitchen)1462022024-06-01
2117C3-BR suite (no kitchen)1402022024-06-01
2121C3-BR apt (with kitchen)127432MM2024-05-01
3002C3-BR apt (with kitchen)129552FF2024-07-01
3004B2-BR apt (with kitchen)138353F-only2024-06-01
3008A2-BR apt (with kitchen)117317M2024-05-01
3010A2-BR apt (with kitchen)111341F2024-06-01
3018A3-BR apt (with kitchen)144305MM2024-06-01
3023C3-BR apt (with kitchen)130263F-only2024-06-01
3026A3-BR apt (with kitchen)105261F-only2024-06-01
3028C3-BR apt (with kitchen)130242FMM2024-06-01
3029C3-BR apt (with kitchen)130263F-only2024-06-01
3084A3-BR apt (with kitchen)1414702024-06-01
3084B3-BR apt (with kitchen)1434702024-06-01
3084C3-BR apt (with kitchen)1434702024-06-01
3101A3-BR suite (no kitchen)148197M2024-06-01
3101C3-BR suite (no kitchen)142197M2024-07-01
3112C3-BR suite (no kitchen)150204FF2024-06-01
3113A3-BR apt (with kitchen)137361M-only2024-06-01
3113B3-BR apt (with kitchen)121361M-only2024-06-01
3117A3-BR suite (no kitchen)144202F-only2024-06-01
4010A2-BR apt (with kitchen)111341F2024-06-01
4059Small efficiency26402024-06-01
4063Small efficiency26402024-06-01
4083C3-BR suite (no kitchen)146255FM2024-07-01
4091C3-BR suite (no kitchen)142197MM2024-06-01
4101B3-BR suite (no kitchen)1401972024-06-01
4102B3-BR suite (no kitchen)140197M2024-06-01
4102C3-BR suite (no kitchen)148197M2024-06-01
4103C3-BR suite (no kitchen)142197FF2024-06-01
4112A3-BR suite (no kitchen)136204M2024-06-01
4112C3-BR suite (no kitchen)150204M2024-05-01
4115B3-BR suite (no kitchen)146202MM2024-06-01
4121B3-BR apt (with kitchen)144432MM2024-06-01
5012B3-BR apt (with kitchen)144389M-only2024-08-01
5012C3-BR apt (with kitchen)124389M-only2024-06-01
5101B3-BR suite (no kitchen)1481972024-05-01
5101C3-BR suite (no kitchen)1421972024-06-01
5106B3-BR suite (no kitchen)140197MFF2024-06-01
5113A3-BR apt (with kitchen)137361MF2024-06-01
5115A3-BR suite (no kitchen)140202F-only2024-07-01
5117A3-BR suite (no kitchen)1442022024-06-01
5117C3-BR suite (no kitchen)1402022024-06-01

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