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Hosting events: Publicity and sign-ups

Officers are expected to take responsibility to sufficiently publish their events to the relevant parties.

1 Creating sign-up sheets

You're welcome to manage event sign-ups however you wish. However, please note that Outings and events that are sponsored by AHEC through House Taxes are for residents only in general, and it is important to the integrity of the house tax system that you ensure that non-residents do not get subsidies (you can, however, welcome non-residents to come along to outings for social reasons at a non-subsidised price).

For events, you may want to create electronic sign-up sheets. To do this, please visit the service and create a sign-up sheet there. Though not required, it would be helpful if you add ahec to the list of AFS groups that can manage the signup sheet.

To restrict a sign-up sheet to Ashdown residents only, please enter the following into the "who can sign up" list of AFS groups:

2 Publishing on your own

You are welcome and encouraged to publish your own events if you wish to. To do this, you should:
  • Send an e-mail to ashdown (at), our house mailing list, approximately 1 week before your event publishing the details. You can send an additional e-mail the day before the event as a reminder. Please write e-mails professionally. Your e-mail should contain all of the following information written in a concise manner:
    1. the title of your event (keep this consistent across all publicity)
    2. day, date and time of your event
    3. a well-written description of the event (please spell check and grammar check)
    4. sign-up instructions including any fees associated with your event and how they should be paid
    5. list outside sponsors and give credit to any helping organisations
  • Design a poster, print and poster around the bulletin boards around Ashdown House.
  • If your event has outside sponsors, please take note of their requirements (many require you to post your event to the MIT Events calendar and poster around campus).

3 The publicity committee

Ashdown has a Publicity Committee that can help you publish your events, and can especially help with large events that require cross-campus publicity. In order to ensure that the Publicity Committee has time to process your request and clarify any details with you, please take note of the following guidelines.
  • In general, please submit publicity requests at least 14 DAYS PRIOR to the date when the event OCCURS.
  • Events open to the MIT community (or are funded by LEF, ARCADE, GSC, DGE or Weekends@MIT) must be PUBLICIZED on MIT Events website at least 2 weeks prior to the date when the event OCCURS. Therefore, requests for these events should be sent 3 WEEKS PRIOR to the date the event OCCURS.
  • If you want to be sure that our photographer attends your event, please CC, when making your request for publicity
  • Please do not send requests for advertisement within several days of the event OCCURRING; in this case you will be responsible for advertising the event yourself.
In order to make a publicity request to the Publicity committee, please contact

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